Ladywell's Vitality Spa & Sauna

"Give me the power to create a fever and I will cure any illness." - Hippocrates.
Sauna means HEALTH; in the sense of physical and mental relaxation as well as relief from aches & pains, promoting an attitude of leisureliness & revitalization, and thus maintaining the Vitality of WellBeing.

Salus Per Aquam

It is believed that the word SPA comes from the Latin phrase "Salus Per Aquam" meaning "health through water". In fact, hydro and heat therapies are the very heart of Spa culture.

Hydrotherapy and Hyperthermic therapy

Hydrotherapy and Hyperthermic therapy have a rich and picturesque history. On every continent, many cultures enjoy the ancient practice of gathering in public steam houses as part of their routine health regimen.

therapeutic benefits

From the Finns, who prefer their dry hot saunas, to the Turks, who enjoy steam baths, people have long intuited and science now confirms, that there are many therapeutic benefits of alternating heat with cold. Hot water relaxes the body and stimulates the immune system. Tepid water  reduces stress and is particularly relaxing in hot weather. Cold water reduces inflammation. Alternating hot and cold water exercises the circulatory system and boosts the immune system, improving overall health.

Baths and Saunas

To this day, Baths and Saunas remain social centers, where a person can go for relaxation, to revitalize body and soul, and to cleanse the body of toxins and stress.  And it is Fun! At Ladywell’s Vitality Spa & Sauna, our aim is to bring women (PDF of Gender Policy) the ancient health benefits of sauna, steam and hydro therapies combined with quality services for the body in a friendly and beautiful environment.

Our Goal

Whether enjoying sauna and steam bathing as an essential physical therapy, as a means of communing with the divine, or simply a relaxing pastime, there are many health and beauty benefits of Steam baths & Sauna.

What happens physically when you Steam and Sauna? As you sit or lie on a towel, the body relaxes. The hot temperature then creates a 'false fever'. In the body, the rate of blood circulation increases, the rate of breathing increases, and the pulse rate quickens. These effects create a demand for more oxygen, which in turn burns calories and provides a mild workout for the heart.
Blood vessel dilation brings blood closer to the surface of the skin and as blood vessels expand to accommodate increased blood flow, circulation in the extremities improves, and a healthful flush comes upon the skin.

Some Benefits of Hydro & Hyperthermic therapies

Promotes healing and releases natural pain killers
Promotes healing and releases natural pain killers
~ also stimulates the immune system, creating an increased production of disease fighting white blood cells and antibodies. Endorphins are released into the blood stream soothing and relaxing tired muscles and joints. Joint and muscle pain diminishes, helping improve range of motion.

Sweat out toxins and impurities
Perspiration induced by the Sauna elevates the body's ability to rid itself of waste. The heat opens the body's pores, naturally expelling impurities and toxins. In this way, kidney function is aided as well, as perspiration through the skin's pores excretes a good amount of the body's wastes and reduces the load on the kidneys.

Helps sinus congestion
Inhalation is excellent for relieving throat irritations and helping reduce inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Steam loosens secretions, helping relieve congestion and its associated headaches.

Helps maintain clear, healthy skin
Steam bath and Sauna heat relax facial tension, open pores, and stimulate the epidermis, which increases circulation. Expansion of blood vessels brings essential fluids to the surface of the skin, enhancing collagen production, maintaining skin elasticity and promoting a clear complexion.

Helps to relieve mental fatigue, tension and stress
Sauna and Soaking promote a wonderful sense of well-being. When your body is relaxed, your mind feels better and you feel better. The relaxation helps you feel rejuvenated and have increased energy levels. Many people also experience more restful sleep after taking a Sauna or Soaking.

Heat Up, Cool Down and Relax!
Sauna means HEALTH; in the sense of physical and mental relaxation as well as relief from aches & pains, promoting an attitude of leisureliness & revitalization, and thus maintaining the Vitality of WellBeing. Salus Per Aquam!

Our women’s Vitality Spa can be accessed for $39 admission. We offer additional therapeutic services; such as massage therapy and body exfoliation treatments by appointment. All services at Ladywell's are designed with you in mind, and with the aim of leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalized after your visit.

Ladywell's Vitality Spa & Sauna ~ Bringing women the ancient health benefits of sauna, steam and hydro therapies combined with quality services for the body. Located in the vibrant Greenwood neighborhood, we provide a friendly, beautiful and affordable environment where women can relax, socialize and improve their health. 
Our Vitality Spa & Sauna design honors wood, water and stone. Out of respect for Mother Earth, we have employed responsible building practices, aiming for energy efficient equipment, recycled/recyclable materials and fixtures. We've built much of the environment ourselves, and have used local family businesses for the trades & services as well as local artists wherever possible.

Spa Features

Our Spa features a hot whirlpool, a warm soaking pool and a cold plunge pool, all of stainless steel construction. We have a dry cedar sauna and a steam bath as well as a infrared pink salt sauna with a sand floor. We have a Relaxation lounge for drinking water or tea, resting, meditating and stretching. To enhance your experience, we also feature body treatments by talented practitioners in the form of massage therapy and sugar scrubs. In our lobby you’ll find unique body care items, local treasures and art.

First Time

First time? Don’t be shy! We happily give a tour of our facility and tips on how best to ‘take a sauna’ (PDF how to sauna) so that you can take full therapeutic advantage of all that we offer with confidence and comfort. Heat up ~ Cool Down ~ RELAX. Shed your worries as you shed your clothes and let the relaxing aura of the Sauna surround you. Allow your body time to adjust to the high heat. Sit or lie on a towel on the top bench for the best heat. You may sit on the lower bench for cooler temperatures. After 10-20 minutes, or when you feel ready, exit the Sauna and cool down by taking a shower or plunging into a refreshing pool. Rest for a while. You should spend about as much time cooling down as you have spent in the Sauna. Re-enter the Sauna and repeat the process as desired. Finish with a final shower. Then, relax with your favorite beverage and enjoy that wonderful after-Sauna feeling.

We are united as a team to serve our guests and are the heart, soul, & backbone Ladywell's and we are grateful to work with and serve amazing women.